Ultrasonic Plastic welding machine BP-UW26
Ultrasonic Plastic welding machine BP-UW26
Ultrasonic Plastic welding machine BP-UW26

Ultrasonic Plastic welding machine BP-UW26

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Ultrasonic Plastic welding machine BP-UW26
Ultrasonic welding is considered as the high-tech in plastic welding, it doesn’t need to add into solvent, auxiliaries, with times of production, cost reducing, quality improving. Being suitable for various industries such as toys, electric appliances, electronics, stationeries, packing, vehicle and daily using;
interior parts, filters, reflective material, reflective plastic body parts: car doors, car dashboard, lights, mirrors, sun visor, spike, bumper, cable, motorcycle plastic filter, radiator , tanks, pallet plates.
Electronics: Prepaid water meters, mobile phone accessories, cell phone case, battery case, charger , 3-inch floppy disk, U disk, SD card, CF card, USB connectors, Bluetooth.
Daily supplies::watches, kitchen utensils, oral liquid bottle, drip caps, mobile accessories, health supplies, children’s products, air mattresses, clothes hangers, tool holder, coffee pot, cover and Civil speaker grille metal surface.
Toys, stationery: folder, album, folding boxes, PP hollow board, pen loops, ink cartridges, toner cartridges
Product Description
1. Japan Electro-Press ceramic transducer, a strong and stable output
2. Concentric straight shaft bearings, precision fine-tuning device, high performance.
3. The head horizontal adjustable design, convenient transfer mode
4. Has frequency, current, the load automatic protection
5. Has a frequency offset protection, mold frequency detections, die crack damage detection
6. Low pressure start, adjustable mechanical stability